Presentation of CleRMa

Clermont Research Management (CleRMa) is the joint management research centre (EA3849) of Clermont Auvergne University and ESC Clermont Group. CleRMa articulates its research around the theme of sustainable management, in order to shed light on the practices of directors, managers, investors and users who aim to ensure the sustainability of companies and public organizations.

A sustainable organization is involved in developing the human potential of its employees and developing its knowledge. It is also responsible and concerned, beyond its financial performance, for the social and environmental impacts of its activity. Finally, it develops a strategy in cohesion with its territory and its actors. Thus, CleRMa's research activities are organized around three axes:

· The Alter-Management, Human Potential and Innovation (AMPHI) axis

· The Finance, Information and Corporate Responsibility (FIRE) axis

· The Strategy Territory and Networks of Actors (STeRA) axis.

Within these axes research chairs were developed, also Open Lab Exploration Innovation, Research Chairs of Value and CSR, Health and Territories and Alter-governance, as well as research contracts. They reflect a dynamic, high-level research activity conducted in close collaboration with organizations and practitioners.

Further information on CleRMa, can be found by clicking on the link below: Plaquette_CleRMa